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Should you rent or own?

There are advantages to both owning and renting a hot water tank. The average lifespan of a modern hot water heater is roughly 10-15 years depending on usage.

  • If you know that you're only going to be living in your current home for less than 5 years, then renting may be cheaper.
  • However if you plan on staying for more than 5 years, you'd be better off purchasing your own hot water heater.

Based on average rental prices, you pay off your hot water heater in the first 4.5 years. So in that 10-15 years you're potentially paying for 2-3 hot water tanks in that time period.

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Have you ever gone to use the tap and found that no hot water was coming out? We know exactly how annoying that can be. We can repair your current hot water heater or replace it with a newer, more energy efficient model.

Our hot water heater quotes involve removal of your old tank, reconnecting the water lines, reconnecting the gas or electricity, and the exhaust if there is one. We do our very best to provide same-day installations. We offer a wide variety of models that can suit your needs and budget.